Tuition Assistance

We believe socio-economic diversity is an essential ingredient in the meaningful educational experience we offer at East Bay Waldorf School. Students and parents alike learn more by being part of a diverse community. Our goal is to welcome families who are genuinely interested in the education we offer—knowing that each such family brings unique and important gifts to our community.  That’s why 42% of our families receive tuition assistance in some form.

We expect parents to give their children’s education very high priority in their financial planning and to consider seriously all family resources and assets, including possible help from such sources as extended family and grandparents, before applying for financial aid. East Bay Waldorf School families know that investing in their child’s PreK-8 education has a lasting impact.

In addition to offering sibling discounts, we offer flexible payment plans and tuition assistance. In fact, we awarded over $300K in assistance this past year to support our goal of a diverse community.

We determine each family’s financial commitment in equitable proportion to the family’s financial resources, using generally accepted criteria and a recognized objective process, called SmartAid. We look forward to working with your family.


  • Tuition adjustment is available to families from Pre School through Grade 8
  • Applications are submitted to SmartAid during the admissions application process.
  • Applications received after the deadline will be reviewed after the process for timely applications has been completed. Any remaining funds will then be awarded to qualified late applicants.
  • Tuition adjustment does not include application or enrollment fees.

Tuition Assistance Award Process

East Bay Waldorf School has contracted with SmartTuition/SmartAid to process tuition assistance applications and help evaluate a family’s request for tuition adjustment. Additionally, families are required to fill out East Bay Waldorf’s Tuition and Adjustment Questionnaire. SmartAid calculates an estimate of the amount a family can contribute to educational expenses based on the financial information provided, and we evaluate the EBWS Questionnaire to determine assistance.

How to Apply

  1. Fill out the Smart Aid Application
  2. Complete the EBWS Tuition Adjustment Questionnaire
  3. Please submit the Tuition Adjustment Questionnaire by emailing or by mailing a copy to 3800 Clark Road, El Sobrante CA 94803.

For more information about our tuition or adjustment process, contact Admissions.


  • All families (prospective and current) applying for Tuition Assistance must complete the EBWS Tuition Assistance questionnaire and the SmartAID Tuition assistance application by January 31, 2020.
  • Applications received after that date will be considered on a rolling basis based on available funds.

Source of Funds

Funds for financial aid are made possible through EBWS Operating budget, supported by fundraising. Tuition covers 85% of our operating costs so it is a vital support to our ongoing operations. Financial Aid awards are made on the basis of demonstrated financial need and no full-tuition awards are given. While award size varies, we granted over half-a-million dollars in financial aid awards last year. It’s important to note that because of our desire to provide tuition adjustment, the school typically relies on Annual Fund donations to balance our budget.

The Basic Fund

The BASIC Fund is a good source for additional tuition assistance; several of our students received assistance from them for the school year. If you have a new student attending our school for the first time (this includes siblings of already registered students), you are eligible to apply for assistance from the BASIC Fund. Please check their website for more information and to access their application.  Please note: even if you receive the full amount from the BASIC Fund, it will not cover reduced tuition for the school year.