Transferring to EBWS

Students from mainstream schools find East Bay Waldorf to be more challenging, engaging and welcoming. Middle school entrance is common.

We have a strong track record of successfully transitioning students from other, non-Waldorf schools into our grades program.

If you are considering a mid-stream switch for your child, we invite you to contact Admissions to learn more about space availability. We accept applications year-round until all programs are full.

A common worry is that it will be difficult to transfer into a Waldorf school after Kindergarten. Our experience shows this to be untrue. Students come in at every different grade level and find their way. East Bay Waldorf School, like all Waldorf schools, is known for providing a warm, welcoming and nurturing environment in which every student is encouraged to reach their full potential.

Our experience tells us that there are several considerations parents need to make in considering a transfer.

Transitions take time and any student changing schools should expect to encounter an adjustment period. For the older child, these transitions can sometimes take longer as they arrive in a tight-knit group that has been together for years. But because Waldorf education puts so much emphasis on the social health of the individual in the context of the group, students assimilate relatively quickly.

Academically, students arrive from other schools ahead or behind in different areas of the curriculum. Waldorf teachers are adept at managing developmental and academic differences. Inevitably, new students have a blend of areas they feel confident in and areas they need to develop further in the Waldorf school.