Parent-Child Registration

Our Fall 2019 classes are now fully enrolled.

Winter class registration available in late November.  Please check back then.  Spring class registration available in March.

Infant classes

4 -12 Months (not yet walking):
Thursdays | 11 am-12:15 pm

In this class new parents will learn how to read their baby’s cries and cues. Babies come into the world ready to read faces and connect. How do we respond and stay present? In the first year of life, they also go from lying on the back to rolling, crawling and standing. We will discuss the natural process of movement development and social interaction.  As parents, we also go through a process of development.  How can we embrace this new role with its new and different demands?

Toddler classes

Younger Toddlers, age 12-24 months and walking:
Thursdays | 9-10:30 am

We observe the increasing quality of movement and fine motor skills, self-directed exploration and discovery through play. Young toddlers still lack impulse control and we learn to work with them to build their social abilities as they interact with others. This class includes circle time and a simple organic snack.

Older Toddlers, age 24-36 months: 
Tuesdays | 9-11 am

We observe older toddlers gaining an understanding of how things work, beginning to demonstrate their thinking, and developing their play in a more imaginative way. As they gain impulse control, we see their increasing interpersonal skills. This class includes circle time, an organic snack and outdoor play time.

Registration for Fall 2019 Parent-Child Classes is now closed