Our Mission

East Bay Waldorf School ignites the spark of individuality in each child, developing a lifelong commitment to learning, creativity, and excellence. We educate students to seek lives of vibrancy, purpose, and active engagement in service of an inspired and compassionate world.

Born of the insights of Rudolf Steiner, our curriculum unfolds an enriching and rigorous synthesis of academic, artistic, and practical pursuits for intellectual, moral, and physical development.

At East Bay Waldorf School, children are educated through a dynamic and developmentally appropriate curriculum which offers rich, diverse and profound learning experiences. We strive to ensure that each child’s individual potential can unfold, by developing creative and imaginative capacities and building a strong academic foundation.

Waldorf Education cultivates:

  • Inner enthusiasm for learning
  • Rigorous, clear thinking
  • Initiative and responsibility
  • Creativity and insight
  • Respect and appreciation for the world and all of its people

“The most important thing is to establish an education through which human beings learn once again how to live with one another.”
— Rudolf Steiner