Gilian Meyers

Gilian Meyers

Year graduated 8th grade: 2014

High School:  Vintage High School, Napa

College:  UC Berkeley, started Fall 2018

EBWS: Hi, Lily. What are you going to study in college?

LILY: I intend to double major in global studies and society & environment. I haven’t chosen a minor but I am interested in music or linguistics.

How was your transition to high school?

LILY: At first, it was difficult, because I was going to a school in an entirely different area. Most of my Waldorf friends knew people in high school because of sports or camps in the Bay Area, but because I went from a school in El Sobrante to a school in Napa, I didn’t know anyone. As time went on I met people and built relationships and I felt much better socially.

Academically? (Did you feel ready?)

LILY: I was nervous before starting but when I got there I realized that I was far more prepared than most of my peers. I had a much broader world view and range of knowledge to draw from and felt overall more well-rounded than other students.

Socially? (Was it hard to go from little school to big school?)

LILY: The size change was less difficult than the fact that I just didn’t know anyone.

How are you like the other students you met?  How might you be different?

LILY: We’re all young kids. Most of us have the same interests and hopes and anxieties. Going through the college application and admission/rejection process really revealed how much we all struggled and worked through the same things, regardless of educational background. My freshman year I did find myself to be more self-aware and emotionally mature than my non-Waldorf peers. I wanted to discuss issues and ideas whereas a lot of my peers were more likely to talk about themselves or their friends.

Activities or achievements in high school?

LILY: In high school, I sang in the choir and performed in two musicals. I played three sports: basketball, water polo, and swim team. I won various awards from my teams throughout high school such as “most inspirational” and “most valuable” player. I founded the Teens for Change environmental and community service club and was the president for all 4 years. I received many awards from my school such as Crusher of the Month, Principal’s Scholar Athlete award, Lamp of Knowledge, and others. My senior year I earned the California State Seal of Biliteracy.

Activities or achievements in college?

LILY: Not yet!

Looking back, what in your Waldorf education do you think has helped you the most in going through high school and college?

LILY: It’s so hard to pick one, but I think the most impactful thing was simply the well-roundedness and opportunity to learn in so many different ways (through movement, hands on activity, discussion, lecture, performance, etc.) Learning through so many different approaches gave me such a wide breadth of knowledge and understanding of the subtleties of various topics.

What are you doing now? Or what’s next for you?

LILY: Headed off to college and the great unknown. I hope to study abroad and dip my toe into as many different subject as I can

Professionally?  Hobbies?

LILY: Professionally, I have yet to decide. My hobbies include singing and listening to music, hiking, going to the beach and reading.

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