Asha Buehler

Asha Buehler

Year graduated 8th grade: 2017

High School:  College Preparatory School

College: TBD

EBWS:  What did you do after EBWS?  (e.g. where did you go to school, etc.)

Asha: After EBWS, I transitioned to high school at the College Prepartory School in Oakland.  I continued with German, a language that I had started studying during my years at Waldorf. College Prep doesn’t have eurythmy, but I did end up joining the dance program, and continued to perform.

EBWS:  What are you doing now? And what do you love about it?

Asha: I’m a rising junior at the aforementioned school (and I like that I’m closer to graduation). I’ve continued volunteering to tutor kids, something I started in order to fulfill a requirement for my eighth grade project at EBWS. The kids are adorable and always have great stories to tell! In my free time, I’m being corrupted by jazz, doing art, studying language, writing, reading or doing recreational math. Don’t judge me.

EBWS:  Can you tell me something about your high school that few people know?

Asha: Sometimes our school plies us with sugar during exams.

EBWS:  How would you say that your EBWS education has helped you in achieving your goals? 

Asha: My teachers at EBWS went out of their way to help me in achieving my goals.

EBWS: Is there anything else in your life that reflects your Waldorf education?

Asha: The music and art education I received at Waldorf is still a big part of my life, as well as my always trying to make others feel welcome.